Monday, July 28, 2008

Ann Althouse, Jr.

before we delve into the oh so fun issues of gender and privilege I'd like to just note the following.

Yes, I google myself. It's perfectly natural and healthy, folks.
And she can quit drinking any time she wants.
It is perfectly natural to Google yourself, the question is how often. Ann Althouse, who I am not, is infamous for having Google alerts set for any mention of her name (Everybody say "Hi, Ann! Why do you look so much like Edgar Winters?"). Megan has not gone that far, but she does it often enough she feels she has to reflexively defend it, which is obviously the first sign of a problem. The fact that the post I'm quoting went up at 8:06 AM leaves open the possibility Megan begins her day by Googling herself. The real question is how often she does this, and whether it's progressed to the point that Ezra and theGarance need to plan an intervention/themed dinner party. Megan can't be the first horrible narcissist to have achieved a tiny enough portion of fame that they become addicted to the 'rush' of seeing their existence acknowledged by some random other person on the internet. There must be treatment options. Maybe mannequins with tape recorders can be placed around her house and set up to constantly repeat her name.


Clem said...

When McArdle started Googling herself, she was a simple narcissist. She became a horrible narcissist when she started reading this blog.

The mannequin idea is a good one, but they'd have to be short, fat mannequins. Tall, skinny mannequins would be too threatening.

Susan of Texas said...

That's what kills me, clem. When you have to read blogs pointing out your faults just to see people talking about you, you know you have a problem.

Clem said...

Yeah. Every time I post one of my little japes, I feel like I'm handing an alcoholic a 1-gallon Long Island iced tea, with a straw.