Friday, July 18, 2008

What the fuck is going on

please make her stop posting. I think I might black out.

The happiest day of your life . . .:

children don't make you happy, even though society tells you it does.
Ladies and gentlemen, we now present a stark display of Megan's disturbing lack of humanity!
It's probably also true that in a pure state of nature rape is fun, stolen food tastes just as sweet, and hitting other people in the head is a pleasurable activity.
Please don't, in your undoubted revulsion at this statement, fail to notice that she includes stealing food with rape and random acts of violence, because sometimes you have to rape and beat someone else to keep your family alive.


Anonymous said...

children don't make you happy, even though society tells you it does.

Would a little subject-verb agreement across clauses be too much to ask? I mean asks.

NutellaonToast said...

I so wanted htat post. Damn you.

I might do a double anyway so thbbbt.

and nony, you clearly just misunderstood her point.

M. Bouffant said...

"Stolen food tastes just as sweet?" Is she implying that stolen food does not, indeed, always taste sweeter than crap you had to slave for? It's called efficiency, she loves to squawk about it.

Susan of Texas said...

And she wonders why people say she's not a feminist.

Are there roving bands of people punishing the single? I haven't heard of any. Is she saying we dislike rape and violence because we've been brainwashed by society?

Is there anything in her head besides cotton wool and reruns of Beverly Hills 90210?

Doctorb said...

Really in a "pure state", which I'll assume means "in the absence of society" (and which is really stupid conceptually), there is no such thing as "stolen food" because the idea of "property" doesn't exist.