Thursday, July 3, 2008

Be Ready For Some Real Work When You Get Back From Your Break

Let us indeed enjoy the break, as our Editor-in-Chief wisely suggests below, but gird those loins, as a cursory scan of Asymmetrical Information reveals

So I have arrived safely in Aspen. I'm listening to Thomas Friedman urging America to lead the way towards "abundant, cheap, clean, reliable electrons."
The first two sentences alone indicate plenty trouble. I warned some time ago that The Atlantic was having a "Festival of Ideas" in Aspen this wknd., & now it's upon us. But allow me to make up for recent mad spewing madly at the web log where I'm the Editor-in-Chief, while ignoring duties here, & I'll just dissect these two sentences.

Keep it simple, stupid. Yes, blogging is semi-conversational, but one needn't start every item w/ "so," or "like." Megan is a step away from adding "you knows" to all of her oeuvre.

The very act of typing & posting tells us that she's arrived "safely," or at the very worst, even were she confined to a hospital bed for the duration of the "Idea Fest" she's able to sit up & type, so it can't be that bad.

Listening to Thomas Friedman would send many a person to a hospital bed, or the hotel nurse at a minimum; perhaps we shouldn't trust in Megan's safety for long.

And the mere fact that T. Friedman is speaking at the "Festival of Ideas" is indicative of what a pathetic shitfest this is going to be. I'll just repeat that (conversationally): Tom Friedman. Ideas. Gaarggh.

Fasten your seat belts, it's going to be a bumpy ride, & I'll bet Ms. McA.'s take on it all even bumpier.

An example of just how bumpy from Ross Douthat (& what is it w/ these fucking dipshits & gawddamn Star Whores?):

Here's the first segment from another Aspen Table, in which Matt, Marc and I chatted with David Brooks about the future of the political parties.
No, I didn't watch it, but can you even imagine? Do you think Jonah Goldbrick will be there?


Susan of Texas said...

Do you think Jonah Goldbrick will be there?

Is there free booze?

NutellaonToast said...

In the comments, our favorite Mouse implored Millie to read Goldberg's book.

These are her fans, people.

rickm said...

As a rule of liberal blogosphere, don't you have to link to Matt Taibbi's takedown of Friedman whenever Friedman is mentioned?

(on a side note, I haven't posted in a while because I got a new job that doesn't suck nearly as much as the shitty shit I did for a law firm. And I can't read Megan talk about econ, and thus can't write about it.)