Monday, July 14, 2008

Is it possible to be humor impaired?

As in neurologically incapable of either being funny or fully comprehending jokes? Is it possible Megan is some kind of high functioning retard?
First, a a cartoon.

Next, Megan's response to it.

Tee hee:

Who says the left has no sense of humor? I mean, who aside from August J. Pollak, that is?
Now, since it's Megan's writing it's a bit unclear what that means. The most immediate interpretation is Megan thinks that cartoon is making fun of the left and our annoyance at a spoiled woman-child's tasteless attempt at jokes. Or she thinks that by making fun of her the cartoonist is showing how he, someone who makes a living making people laugh, doesn't have a sense of humor. Or, and perhaps most likely, she thinks that the joke being made at her expense is good natured and Pollack is laughing with her, instead of at her.
Megan just doesn't comprehend humor. She thinks rich people joking about poor people is hilaaaaaarious, and that she herself is funny. I'd make a joke about it, but it ain't amusing. She's never going to stop making unintentionally revealing class-blind remarks and thinking they're bon mots. As Megan sychophant Yancey Ward says in the comments,
I predict that 3 years from now, Megan will be forced to write a mea culpa after repeated reminders that she once compared being a rufugee [sic] to waiting for an iPhone.
Personally, I'd consider it fortunate if it only takes her that long to recognize her mistake.


Susan of Texas said...

This could have been over in two minutes. She could have said, "Oh no, you're right, I was thoughless and I'm sorry." I've done that before and will probably have to do it again in the future. But that takes enough self-confidence to risk looking weak.

How enormously frustrating that must be, to know what's right and want to do it, but be uanble to take that risk. Instead the person finds himself supporting dreadful actions to fit in with the powerful. I wonder if it is repression or if it's simply mediocre minds finding their level.

brad said...

It's way too late for that, and I think even worse than you say.
Being offensively wrong is what gets Megan attention, and passive aggressive non-apologies feed her reactionary base. This isn't just a personality flaw, it's an intentional strategy.

clever pseudonym said...

I honestly don't think she knows. I think she and her sheep are really that bloody stupid and self-absorbed. They don't think it was thoughtless. They actually think it was funny.

Most people would be embarrassed for being as consistently wrong and ill-informed as Megan. A better person would either learn to shut up or do a little research before abusing their keyboard - something I presume she was taught in college. It can't be intentional. She really does believe she's smart, funny, sophisticated and elite.

NutellaonToast said...

Who knows or cares what her internal motives are?

The shit she says is horrid and a shit factory is a shit factory no matter what the machines inside are made of.

Ugh, it smells.

clever pseudonym said...

I care, because the fact that she imagines herself as some intellectual titan that actually possesses an ounce of writing talent makes her very lack of both that much more amusing.

Susan of Texas said...

Brad, I agree, but I think she chose her stratedy based on her personality flaws. She is offensive because she feels she has been offended, and she is passive because she was taught to be passive.

Her references to her private life are there to elicit a feeling of connection, which increases one's popularity and hits. But they are also a chance to elicit praise and soothe her ego.

Pointing out the personal reasons for political viewpoints reveals her true motivation and reduces her authority. One can both call her bad names and chip away at her false image that gives her unearned authority.

brad said...

That's what I meant, Susan. Like every successful hack before her, she's found a way to make her inherent mediocrity into a professional advantage.
CP's question, of whether Megan has any real awareness of the person she comes off as in her work, is a good one, but I wouldn't ever want to spend enough time with Megan in person to find out. Nor would I likely be afforded the opportunity.

Susan of Texas said...

I have so much to learn about hackdom.