Friday, July 11, 2008

Elsewhere on the Atlantic...

We here at FMM didn't let mocking Jonah Goldberg distract us from our labor of love of mocking Megan McArdle. However, I happened to overhear other "voices" at the Atlantic, and came across this post by Sully. It contains a subtle, yet powerful smackdown.

I made a good faith effort to read Jonah [Goldberg's] book [, Liberal Fascism]. Couldn't make it through.

Jonah, not only was your book historically inaccurate and poorly argued, but your friend just announced that it was basically unreadable. Ha ha ha ha ha.

I look forward to the time when a foolhardy publisher grant's a contract to destroy good prose with McArdle's "Liberatarian Morality", and the voices devolved into cacaphony when Andrew Sullivan calls it "retarded."

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