Friday, July 18, 2008

Just... wow

No, really, tehre's [sic] no justification for descreating [sic] commyunion [sic] wafers: I stared at that title for a good 30 seconds trying to convince myself it's some kind of old Catholic school in-joke.
Then I scrolled down to this

Lost my glasses yesterday. Supposed to pick up the new ones today . . .

Posted by Megan McArdle | July 18, 2008 8:32 AM
I... make the fonts bigger... my brain hurts. She's posting while blind. For The Atlantic.
If I ever end up stoopid rich, I'm buying The National Review and turning it into a gay porn mag, in revenge.


Clem said...

It isn't a gay porn mag?

Cut her some slack. I mean, try keeping your glasses on when you're shoving your head up your ass.

clever pseudonym said...

Bigger font, have a friend proofread for you, plug it through spellcheck before you post on a professional fucking site, anything. Funny how her blindness keeps her from spelling correctly, but she had no problem reading the comment that pointed out her mistake.

brad said...

Yeah, Clem, but it'd be renamed The National Review of Hot Cocks.
Jonah would be held to his contract and forced to continue working there.

Anonymous said...

Now thats the funny.