Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Not funny and stepping on brad's toes

Brad has a post about this weak ass mea culpa about her 2x4 comment in the pipes, but I felt I should repost here what I wrote in her blog comments. It's not funny, but, whatever.

You'll pretty much have to read her post for my response to make sense.

Megan, that posts says about your character exactly what people use it to say.

You dehumanize your opponents. Anyone who disagrees with you is being stupid, or misunderstanding you or some other bullshit claim of yours.

I'm not making this up. Go back and see for yourself just how often you use snark, sarcasm, and insulting language in general to deal with those who dare disagree wit you.

And then on top of it all, you periodically go on these rants about how people aren't treating you with civility.

You may be civil to Ezra over lunch, Megs, but you're not a civil blogger as that post, and a plethora of others, show.

A real mea culpa would be an acknowledgment of that and not this lame blog which spends just as much time maligning people for using your own words against you as it does apologizing.

Those words are you, Megan. Each and every day you write more words just like those. It wasn't out of character. It was you.

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clever pseudonym said...

Megan seems to be under the impression that just because she never uses foul language or has the guts or character to directly address the people that she's attacking, this makes her "civilized."

There's a way to tell someone to get fucked without using those actual words and if you need an example of this, see nearly any one of her blog posts.

Being a condescending asshole by assuming you are smarter, better educated and bred, and morally superior to the people you are writing for or about is not civilized or polite. It's thinly shrouded rudeness. It's even worse than coming out and just saying "fuck you," because you're actually congratulating yourself for behaving the exact same way as the people you criticize. It's hypocrisy at its worst. That 2 x 4 post has almost always been brought up in response to Megan's cries for civility, if only to point out her own shortcomings in that department. Instead of addressing it with honesty, she tries to invoke pity and uses emotional manipulation - even worse, she uses the WTC attacks as an excuse. Saying "I was wrong and I shouldn't have written it, but at the time, I was emotionally overwrought and couldn't help myself so it was okay then" isn't a mea culpa. It isn't an apology. It's a drunk thinking they deserve blanket, unflinching forgiveness for their stupid behavior because they were shitfaced at the time.

I can't believe the Atlantic has actually been reduced to a showcase for a spoiled, smug, ignorant, arrogant little rich girl to work out her emotional and intellectual insecurities. Longfellow, Stowe, Emerson...I'm so sorry it has come to this.