Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I Just Learned a Neat Trick!

Wow, it turns out you can just make shit up about things you don't like and then insult them for it! Check it out!

Jane Dolt quotes a bit about a man who stole city buses just so he could drive them on their routes and pick up passengers. Then she cracks wise (grab your sides in anticipation).

Why are they charging this guy? It seems like they ought to hire him. If only so that he can get the therapy he needs through Miami-Dade's no-doubt generous benefits package?

HAHHAHAHAHAA! Look! I made a joke about government benefits based on pure speculation. If only she was near a computer with internet access when she made this blog post. Then she might've been able to look up said "benefeits package" and confirm whether or not her knee slapper is really a based on anything close to reality. Alas. It doesn't matter. We all know that the government is capital "S" stoopid for giving it's workers cushy perks like "health care" and "a living wage"

So now that I've got my new trick, I think I'll try it out. Megan McArdle is such a shitty incoherent writer that she no-doubt must be employing child labor to ghost write for her. HAHAHAH! Megan employs child labor! See, that's totally funny! All I have to do is say something absurd and attach it to some made up fact that fits my previously held beliefs to a T and blam-o! Megan McArdle is actually an evil person!

Man, I'm really starting to get the hang of this punditry stuff. Maybe I'll see if Teh Atlantic needs a liberal blogger to replace Fatty Wrong-on-the-war.

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