Thursday, July 17, 2008

Grand Illusion

In its entirety:

Safety first
This is eminently sensible, eminently frightening, and eminently unlikely to be acted upon. People need the illusion of saftely [sic] when the real thing isn't available.
Compare & contrast: "I'm buying a gun so I may prance around my living room w/ it & show those awful city council people that I'm free!!" (Accurate paraphrase. I'll not bother to look it up.)

And, for a change, the item to which she links is pretty interesting, & as La McA. says, sensible, true & will never get done. Just like weapon regulation. (Note that w/ the word "weapon" I open the floodgates of potential repression to include kitchen knives & baseball bats, to mention two of my favorite weapons.) And checking her spelling. Or typos. Or whatever they are.

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