Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dep't. of I Don't Know What

Ms. McArdle wants people on the internet to stop acting childish. I, for one, refuse. And I am completely behind Prof. Myers in his attempt to desecrate anything he can find. Perhaps it would be a better idea to ask people not to throw a hissy fit every time someone mocks their precious dogma.

And to compare Prof. Myers & Scare-Monger/Fund-Raiser Bill Donohue (or to link to a post that does so after making a big deal about how you never link to anything easily refutable) is not worth the effort to refute, is it?


clever pseudonym said...

"There's a lot of idiocy on the internet that I, like every other blogger, look at, recognize as unbelievably flawed, and toy with the notion of refuting."

Megan speaks for every other blogger! Never mind that most bloggers aren't political. But I'm glad I've been given the orders to "grow up" by a passive-aggressive, whiney "journalist" who issues laments at how inferior everyone else is compared to her.

"Then I realize that shooting fish in a barrel isn't really very much fun, and annoys the fish, so I go find something more productive to do."

This woman has a degree in English? As in the language? At least she's nice enough to let us know what kind of writing is beneath her, even if she's going to explain that she won't link it, but she'll be happy to complain about it. I'm not a blogger, but if I ever decide to be one so that I can be important like her, I'll check in with Megan to make sure my blogging meets with her standards, because those are all that really matter.

Susan of Texas said...

Yes, religious people get so touchy when they tell you what to think and who to have sex with and when to eat certain foods and what to wear and do and say---and you refuse. Then you tell them their god is made up and they start screaming at you that you're going to Hell. (Not a good threat with an atheist, but that's a little too subtle for them.)

If religious people don't want to be mocked they can stop conducting "magic" rites to worship an imaginary god.

Chad said...

This is a prime example of how much context matters. For instance, I'd be more willing to accept the basic argument if it came from, say, Glenn Greenwald rather than Megan "Beating Up War Protesters Is Funny!" McArdle.

NutellaonToast said...

chad, we're not allowed to use that anymore. She gave a half-assed apology. It's so over.

But that's what I expect from a child like you.

M. Bouffant said...

What? We can't use that any more either? I thought it was just that one thing we couldn't use. Did I miss a memo?

Susan of Texas said...

There's the 2x4 remark, and gun laws after the shooting.I'm not sure what else. Maybe she can put up a "dead to me" board like Stephen Colbert.

clever pseudonym said...

Guys, remember the stuff we're not supposed to talk about according to Megan should "go without saying." So we're not allowed to say it. It's futile to guess, since we're so inferior to her. We'll just have to wait until she tells us what we should and shouldn't talk about one issue at a time.