Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ask the expert!

Megan is s-m-r-t smart, lately.

I've been taking notes that she's so informative.

Pondering the iPhone:

Since Reihan already had an iPhone, and I don't, he's choosing between the marginal upgrades--mostly the GPS and the 3G network, and his old phone. I, however didn't have one before, so I get to be all gee-whiz about features the rest of you have had for a year.

Tranlsation: Reihan is giving you new information whereas I am going "aw-shucks, ain't that something" about features that, if you've any interest AT ALL in an iPhone, you knew about years ago.

Here, let me recap what every other review of the first iPhone said because, while I in fact don't know shit, I assume that you know even less.

Weights and Measures:
I rarely endorse conspiracy theories, but this one I believe. Mr Morrow, tear down this wall!

The article linked is, of course, kind of stupid. It complains about the conspiracy to leave weights out of cookbooks. Of course, this has nothing to do with the fact that this is how people have been measuring shit for fucking ever (see, digital scales are new).

Hey dipshits, if you're such an advanced cook that you weigh instead of measure by volume, maybe you should memorize some fucking conversion factors. I don't bitch about the fact that rulers are mostly in inches. I remember that it's 2.54 centimeters to an inch. Sigh.

Mr Bernanke, tear down this inflation:
Megan is worried about inflation. Anyone remember when she was talking about how "core inflation was low" so everything was fine? Yea, good call there, Megan. There was definitely no reason to think that core inflation wouldn't catch up with the rest of the shit out there. Nope, none whatsoever.

I hope she starts giving stock tips. It'd be so easy to make a killing shorting what she says to buy and buying what she says to short.

Get on the scale:
And last but not least, our muse tells us that if we really want to be good cooks we should get a scale.

Thanks for the tip, McObvious. As has been pointed out in the comments, every fucking person in the planet that needs a scale to cook the recipes they make already knows enough about fucking cooking to know that they need a scale. That's like telling a fucking engineer that hey, man, you really need to get you one of those calculators before you start engaging in academic research.

Thanks, Megalicious! Should I buy a knife too, or is that only for the truly advanced chef?


Susan of Texas said...

SO Bernanke has to raise rates, despite the fact he just insinuated rates won't be raised for a while because it'll damage the housing sector further.

By the way, I think the criticism is starting to get to Megan. One of her latest posts pouts that only people who can't win arguments claim moral victory.

I consider this a challenge.

Susan of Texas said...

Think abou this. Matt leaves the Atlantic and on the same day Megan complains about mean old blog critics. I wondered this morning if Yglesias figured he'd better leave a sinking Atlantic before it took him down with it. Now I wonder even more.

Myers "invites criticism" because he calls fools, fools. Nasty internet critics, showing up and making bloggers explain themselves witout looking like they're actually responding to low, insolent criticism.

clever pseudonym said...

Definitely invest in a knife. You will also want to consider buying items referred to by us advanced cooks as "pots" and "pans." This can be daunting, as they tend to come in varying sizes, but if you go to a kitchen supply outlet, I'm sure you will find the sales staff there helpful in choosing what's right for your needs.

I'd go into varying utensils, but I don't want to confuse you from the beginning. We'll cover spatulas and ladels at another time.

NutellaonToast said...

Thanks clever. I wish Megan would cover those kinds of details

clever pseudonym said...

You're welcome. Wait until I tell you about chop sticks. They're going to blow your mind. It's what people in this part of the world called "Asia" - you've probably never heard of it, since you're not as smart and educated as me - usually eat with.

Susan of Texas said...

Don't let her find out about bento boxes; she'll start carving up her tofu to look like Hello Kitty.

NutellaonToast said...


You're just making shit up now.

clever pseudonym said...

Okay, you caught me. "Asia" is really only an early 80s pop band.