Thursday, July 17, 2008


While I don't doubt that this is heartfelt, I have a funny inside story I can't resist telling. So when Sullivan switched over to his Atlantic blogging post (this was before Yglesias was there) any link to Matthew Yglesias was removed from Sullivan's blogroll. I emailed Sullivan and asked him why the link was removed. Sullivan's response: "he bored me."

I swear.


Clem said...

Rick, you bitch.

Oh well, Megan and Matt will always have the shooting range.

Susan of Texas said...


while the CAP folks may think they're going to benefit from his prose, they're going to find that their arguments are a lot sharper, and more intellectually honest.

Because nothing says Incisive! like an Atlantic dilettante.

NutellaonToast said...

Yea, look how incisive like being for the Iraq War.

Look how incisively he chooses his foods, too. Not to mention his incisive selection of using his nose rather than his diaphragm to speak.

He even incisively likes basketball, the incisive little bastard. I bet he's got big old buck teeth like a beaver, he's so fucking incisor.

Chad said...

While I don't doubt that this is heartfelt...

I do. Sully doesn't exactly have the ideal track record for honesty and sincerity, to put it nicely.

NutellaonToast said...

No, he prolly became friends with Matt. Most of these people are successful because they're just smart enough to learn the lessons of "How to Win Friends and Influence People," just dumb enough to think that this is actual accomplishment, and just disingenuous enough to be ok with being a the complete fucking phony that that kind of behavior entails.

Sully and chub a dub prolly got along swimmingly. Of course, now that Sully sees Matt as a friend, well, his writing has gotten so much better!

I bet Sully chalks it up to his influence, too.