Sunday, July 20, 2008

Ezra, stupid enough to believe a sound-byte

I don't know why I'm so eager to insult people today, but if I can't insult Megan I'll insult her friends.

So I strolled on over to our favorite ambiguously gay blogger's house and, like the lazy ass that I am, took a gander at a few of his most recent posts

This one caught my eye. He quotes Al Gore saying "Here's the difference, when the demand for wind and solar goes u, costs go down. When demand for oil and gas goes up, prices go up." and gives an enthusiastic "True dat girlfriend!" before ducking his head, checking to ensure that no one saw, and typing a muted "True enough."

You know what's also true? The difference between driving to work and skydiving to work is that when demand for skydiving goes up, prices come down! We should totally invest in skydiving, ASA-FUCKING-P.

You see, dipshits, oil is an entrenched part of our economy and there are not many easy ways left to utilize it more efficiently (and no, fuck nuts, replacing the entire US fleet of cars with slightly more efficient models isn't actually easy), which is why its demand is inelastic and supply is limited.

Renewable energies are a fringe market, not even close to fully implemented that hardly even glimpse the economies of scale that oil does, let alone have seen the hard core research that oil has seen for like the past million fucking years.

If we had a renewables based economy and there was a demand spike, guess what, PRICES FOR ENERGY WOULD STILL GO UP.

I'm all for renewables, but let's try not to muck up the cause with a bunch of "being a fucking moron" along the way, eh?


Courtney said...

I've been lurking here for a while, but this post forces me to vent about my biggest peeve in articles about high energy costs. Every article about a person who is getting hammered by high energy crises is accompanied by a sidebar listing ways you can get your energy usage under control. These usually include: (1) getting a more fuel efficient car, (2) having your house insulated, (3) getting new windows, (4) getting more efficient appliances or (5) some other investment in efficiency.

Newsflash for the people who write these sidebars: If a person can't afford to fill up his car, that person *doesn't fucking have the money* to buy another car, new windows, or new appliances.

That is all.

ignatov said...

If energy remains a commercial commodity, we'll pay through the nose, no matter what the source. Gotta pay those stock holders, after all, and the CEO will need another gold-plated jet.

spencer said...

courtney, yeah, that's always bugged the shit out of me too. And it probably just encourages people to not give much of a shit about energy conservation, since it's apparently cheaper just to waste it.

M. Bouffant said...

Absolutely. My cash flow wouldn't allow for those new-fangled mercury filled light bulbs (I like to eat) if I had an apt., even though in the long run the lower electric bill & replacement costs of the bulbs may save me money.

Anonymous said...

Are you claiming Ezra is really gay?