Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Megan is oppressed

You know . . .:

I wasn't going to buy a gun, because, hey, what would I do with it? But the chicken guano rules that DC is imposing make me want to buy a handgun just to annoy the twopenny tyrants who thought them up
I... How exactly is Megan going to use her unnecessary deadly firearm to annoy "tyrants" concerned with not having people killed? Is she going to go down to City Hall and wave it around?
May I really carry it inside my home without a license, just as if I were a free citizen in a country that respects individual liberty? I am overcome with gratitude, really overwhelmed with the state's generosity . . . permission to cry, sir?
You have to admit, it's pretty courageous of Megan to question the King's decrees with passive aggressive sarcasm.

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M. Bouffant said...

Did she not type something to the effect of "I feel like going out to buy a gun, not because I need or want one but because I can now?" right after the Stupreme [sic] Court decision?

Were she to become a gun nut, maybe her gadget fetishism would manifest itself in tedious discussions along the lines of ".45 ACP or 9mm., which do you prefer?"