Monday, July 21, 2008

Here we go again

weekend's over, and she's still in sooper-stoopid mode. Two shorters, and a big ole longer on the Catholic cracker post on deck.

The N Word, revisited: Didn't Megan's black friend say "the n-word" also bothers them? Good to know Megan cares enough to change her vocab.
And Megan? You'd benefit from listening to what Richard Pryor had to say about this word and how both races use it. I'd tell you which performance to watch, but you should probably just go with all of 'em.

Exurbs delenda est:

I had my first taste of a collapsing exurb last night.

This is the housing bubble made visible--the hope with which developers built shiny new communities for people with modest incomes, and the swift ferocity with which credit contraction and high gas prices crushed those happy hopes.
"The housing bubble". As opposed to an economy in recession. She's going to "debate" whether we're in a recession right up until it ends, or the economy collapses. Then she'll start wondering whether the recession has become a depression.

A ranty piece on religion is, as said, imminent.


clever pseudonym said...

"The comments discussion on the topic leaves me sad."

Jebus, she is @#$%ing dense. Oh, it must be so hard, being such a superior thinker and morally righteous person while everyone else thinks darkies never should have been allowed to share our fountains. There were definitely some appalling comments on the subject at that blog, but come on, Megan. Nobody was saying it was hard to not use the "n-word." They were asking questions about how, why and for whom it is or isn't appropriate. I didn't see anyone saying they wish they could use it more. Most, if anything, were arguing that sure, it's a nasty word, but I'll thank you very much not to instruct me on what words I can or cannot say. I don't think I've ever said that word out loud, since I was taught from birth - without the removal of my head - that it was inappropriate. But if I want to, it's my business as long as I'm willing to live with the consequences.

spencer said...

As opposed to an economy in recession.

"Recession" is such an ugly word. Let's use one of Dumbya's favorite words instead and call it an economy in repose.