Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Genuine Shorters

To try to catch up faster I'm going to limit myself to three sentences per shortized post. Let's see if I can manage.

Pretty is as pretty does: Wheeeeeee, I'm a corporate whore!
Also, I like my resort towns to pretend they're not so rich, so I don't feel any twinges of conscience.

Why didn't we do something?: For the last time evar, don't blame the banks for their mistakes. Blame everyone else you can think of.

The law of rules: Since the British experience shows it's not so much the rules as how well they are enforced, we should move to a trust based system of business regulation.

Cut rate:

I don't know how much this actually happened, because there is no--I repeat, no--good data yet on mortgage broker fraud, and it's very possible that this wasn't a significant problem (no matter what you've read in the New York Times).
Remember, Megan is an accredited Expert in the field of Expertise, you may not doubt her. She even took the time to repeat her claim, instead of documenting it.

To fight or not to fight?: This post shows Megan deep in thought, a process simulated by the video below.

Not just why, but how:
The problem of discrimination is also difficult. We think of just war theory as telling us that you can't target civilians, but in fact it says you can't target "non-combatants"--that's why you can't shoot prisoners. But this becomes extremely difficult. Who is a non-combatant? The cooks? A general back at headquarters? Infantry troops who happen to be asleep?
Can you wake them up, then shoot them? If someone gets something in their eye during a battle, can they call timeout?

Israel's right to exist: Did you know that if something exists, that means it exists?

The libertarian menace extends its reach:
Incidentally, Ta-Nehisi and his partner, Kenyatta, are spectacularly awesome people, just as I suspected they would be. Meeting them was the highlight of a pretty neat festival.
Here we see Megan rape the corpse of the english language in order to kiss the ass of someone she clearly hopes may one day help advance her career.

That's enough for now, tho I'll probably post again tonight n try to finish catching up.


M. Bouffant said...

I do enjoy the contrast between: "spectacularly awesome" & "pretty neat." If only she'd referred to Kenyatta as "his lady," we'd've had a trifecta.

(Of course maybe I'm assuming too much. Maybe Kenyatta actually is his partner, as in business. Or as in gay marriage. Can't a literary genius like McA. come up w/ something clearer?)

Clem said...

Brad, nice work, but I think that corpse-raping and ass-kissing merit separate sentences. Actually, again, I'm a very visual person, Brad, and I'm seeing Megatron raping a corpse and I hate you for that.