Sunday, July 20, 2008

Let's look at her friends.

I'm bored. Let's see what rolly-ygolly is up to on these chuboriffic days.

Hmm, what's got him sparked up?

Know Your Right-Wing Intellects:
God damn you, fatass. Stop referencing things I like. You are not cool enough to like The Clash. Face it, any self respecting punk would've taken you flabby frame to town for a myriad of reasons. Stop it! You're not hip! You're a fat whiny geek who was among the very ordinary rank of citizen to be for the war. You're neither pretty in mind nor body. Get the fuck out of my face blubber butt.

Oh, sorry, onto the article. Mat feels that the ridiculous assertions of the writers over at NRO, who state that the entirety of conservatism can be summed up in Milton Friedman's pithy statement that “nobody spends somebody else's money as well as he spends his own.” need to feel the full crushing weight of his hefty belly wit.

He then spends two full paragraphs (that fill over half of my laptop's screen) striking down this ridiculous claim. Thanks for that, you mouth breathing pile of lard! Two fucking paragraphs to explain that you can't sum a worldview up in ONE PITHY FUCKING LITTLE SENTENCE.

Brilliant, Matty. Give yourself a donut.

I guess he took our muse's advise about how shooting fish in a barrel was pointless. No, much better to nuke fish in a barrel.

Bonus Dumbfuckery: That stupid fucker may actually be looking to our muse for writing tips, seeing as how he mentioned one of her favorite buzz phrases "negative externalities." He even put his own optimistic little slant on it and used the more upward looking "positive externalities." Note to Fatty-Y (OMG, that one has been sitting in front of me for this long and I haven't used it?!?!?!?!!) taking prose style ques from Ms. McTypo isn't exactly a good career move.

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spencer said...

To be fair, those phrases do have actual meanings . . . but only to economists. I wouldn't call them "buzz phrases," really - I think a more accurate label would be "pretentious jargon flung around by people who are insecure about their intellects."

Meh, six in one, half dozen in the other . . .