Saturday, July 12, 2008

Confused & Disbelieving (Me, Not Megan)

Oh, lordy!!!

Sleeping on the street was fun, if not precisely restful. Frankly, I would have done it even if there weren't an iPhone involved, except I doubt anyone would have joined me, and also, probably the cops would have made me leave. It was a mini adventure.

The iPhone is cool and everything, but not worth sleeping on the street for if I didn't already think it would be kind of cool to sleep on the street.
I, I, I...

This is so beyond me. As in makes no sense at all. Megan would've slept on the street anyway? Why? Why would it even occur to her to sleep on the street? No air conditioning & Wash. is undergoing one of its well-known heat & humidity waves? What?

Ms. McArdle: Next time you're in Santa Monica for a RAND Corp. gabfest, you can save yourself or whatever corporate/institutional entity the cost of a hotel room, & do some urban camping w/ me, 'cause it's so "cool." I don't actually sleep on the street, I sleep under a piece of playground equipment in a park, & there's no room for an air mattress, but it'll still be plenty of fun. And I promise I'll behave myself. Though if it's in those months between what I consider cold weather & when the cold-weather shelter actually opens, we may have to spoon for warmth.


clever pseudonym said...

"Precisely restful"? As opposed to vaguely restful or indescribably restful? I demand to know who in the HELL at the Atlantic thinks this is good writing?

So, the iPhone isn't worth sleeping in the street, but sleeping in the street for the fuck of it is? At least she's lucky enough to have the choice to sleep on the street, rather than no other options, because that really sucks. I've had to do it before and I wouldn't exactly describe it as a "mini-adventure," so much as one of the scariest times in my life.

Screw you, Megan. You're a bloody jerk.

spencer said...

Every time I think I've witnessed the true depth of her self-absorption, she outdoes herself.

Susan of Texas said...

Let's face it, this is what the Atlantic wants. An economist blogger who know nothing about economics, who can't even put a chart on her blog without screwing it up, and who ignores the actual economy which is imploding all around us. They want a prima donna who talks about herself all the time, thereby stroking her commenters into praising and flirting with her. They want a shallow consumerist who blogs about her petty little concerns, snipes at others for supposedly dissing her, and obsesses about trivia.

She is what the world wants, and wants to be. Vain, callous, ignorant, sycophantic, and spiteful. She's the shining pinnicle of American society in the Age of Bush. Want to get ahead in the world? Praise black bloggers while telling them their concerns are in their resentful, lazy imaginations. Flirt with the men surrounding you. Write fawning posts praising the worst tendencies in government and society, so even more corrupt and useless but popular bloggers will link to you. And don't actually do your job--that's for the little people, or those silly economists who spend all their time warning that the bill for the party has arrived, and it's big enough to bring the whole party crashing down around us.

The only bright spot in all of this is that as the woman, McArdle will be fired first when the Atlantic's revenue suffers from the failing economy.

Susan of Texas said...

You really want this woman fired? Stop attacking her for being a bad blogger. She's a fabulous blogger, who gives the people exactly what they want. Attack her for being bad at her real job--roping in intellectual and high society wanna-bes. She's too poor to be elite and has no real connections except those she's managed to gin up. She hasn't published anything of note (check google scholar). She is hurting their prestiege, which the Atlantic presumably does care about, since they're milking it (until it's totally gone).

Susan of Texas said...

Most of all, she's not elite, and she knows it. It's her Achilles's heel. Grind it into her face.

(Sorry, I'm in a bad mood today.)

clever pseudonym said...

You're probably right, Susan. It's just depressing, especially when it's actually laid out the way Instaputz posted the other day, to realize just how low the Atlantic has sunk from its origins.

I can't help but complain about the bad blogging. I know a lot of writers who struggle to get their stuff published that would be ten times better at that job than her, ones that actually have talent and knowledge on the subjects they write about. People that aren't, like Megan, just stupid posers feigning sophistication for the sake of appearing to be some elite intellectual when she's anything but. She can't even properly edit or grasp simple grammar (despite her claims to being a "hyper-educated wordsmith." Give me a break). All she did was kiss the right ass and wink at the right pervs for her job. She doesn't deserve it.

"She's not elite and she knows it."

Right again. Methinks this is where the bulk of her psychotic insecurities about being criticized comes from.

Susan of Texas said...

I don't mean to scold anyone, I'm just blowing off a lot of steam.

It's very frustrating to be unable to change something we see as harmful to our country and citizens. We can't change the Atlantic or Megan or her followers, or the harm they do. All we can do is show that we are not fooled, and the Emperess has no designer clothes.

brad said...

The thing is, that she isn't elite is part of what will guarantee her success, you already said as much, Susan. Megan has to do the kissing up, instead of having her ass kissed, and it's become such a second nature to her she's nice even to me and Nutella in email. And she's too mediocre to be threatening to anyone. Shit floats, especially in the current corporatized media culture. Good public writers and journalists can be critical, caustic, and downright rude in their efforts to actually accomplish something of value. Megan would never ruffle the wrong feathers, so she'll always be on the good side of the powers that be. If she were elite herself she'd have the courage to take a stand or two, instead of trying to covertly indulge every bad aspect of the conservative portfolio imaginable.

Susan of Texas said...

I've underestimated the Atlantic, Brad.

And I've forgotten a lot about office politics, since I don't work in one anymore. Not that I paid attention to them back then. Believe it or not, I had a tendency to just say what I thought.