Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Only Mirrors in Megan's House, what Prettier Thing Might There Be?

Here we go again! Megan looks in a mirror, sees something ugly, and seems to either convince herself that it's actually pretty, or convince herself that it's not really her. I'm not sure which it is, but it's just astounding.

Our story starts with Our Stupid Lady quoting a study about food preference. The pith of the study is that the taste of food is subjective and based on your ideology and your understanding of where the food came from. It showed that - no matter what the contents of the food actually were - right wing type personalities liked the ones labeled "meat" while left wings like the ones labeled "vegan." This phenomenon extends beyond politics of course (People who live exciting lives always like the cola labeled "Pepsi!").

Megan starts her post with:

I stand vindicated. Sort of:
Though she doesn't refer to what she is vindicated about. Perhaps this? Or this?
The thing is, I hate vegan sausage. Of course, I wasn't super fond of non-vegan sausage, but vegan sausage is a mealy mess.
So here's the time-line, for those who got lost along the way:
Megan starts a weblog. Said weblog attracts a lot of critics that accuse Megan of being a right wing hack with a strongly authoritarian personality. Megan dismisses said critics. Megan posts about a piece that claims "people with trait x tend to be authoritarians." Megan admits to trait x. Megan feels vindicated.

She really is deepening in her spiral of right-wing punditry. She is no longer using the tortuous and intractable paths in order to try and prove that "up is down." She is not flat out saying "up is down" and expecting us to believe her.

Now, what's the kicker? Of course there's a kicker. The kicker is the last paragraph:
On the other hand, this strikes me as broadly true. I've cooked vegan food for a number of people who liked it as long as they didn't know it was vegan, but nonetheless look skeptical when another vegan meal is proposed. Most of those people seem to have a sort of determination not to like anything except meat, as if one bite of tofu might send them skipping out into the woods to dance round the meadows with the twee fairies.
She closes with a criticism of people who don't like vegan substitutes.

No, you're not dreaming. This is reality and it's staring you in the face, laughing its ass off at your stunned expression.

Yes, it is true. This woman is fucking PAID for her insight. This woman, who thinks the sky is orange and the grass is purple, is allegedly a great mind of the internet.

I weep for you, blogosphere. You're actually worse than your caricatures make you out to be. That is a tall feat indeed.

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Susan of Texas said...

Oy. This is what happens when you have no effin' clue about yourself, when you lurch from one position to another in a desperate attempt to be all things to all people.

And who's to say she's wrong, in the Age of Bush? Blather a bunch of boot-licking BS, cash the check, buy a coffeemaker. Simple and gratifying.