Sunday, February 3, 2008

Adventures in bad titles

Megan and theGarance are on bloggingheads, talking about Obama v Clinton.
It's titled Sexism vs. Racism.
I guess that racism wins, as both of em are female?
Way to not load the question, ladies.
It's relatively short, and features Megan bringing up her old criticism of women is sexism canard, in respect to Hillary, no less. Don't worry, it's just so she can conclude by saying that the Dems will either be too sexist or too racist to nominate Obama and Hillary to be co-President, not in actual defense of Hillary.
In related news, Alan Keyes called Elizabeth Dole today to see if she could hook him up with some free Viagra from Bob's stash.

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Clem said...

Am I the only person who persistently misreads "titles" as "titties?"