Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Per Megan:

I love the fact that when I go to, and am confronted with a full screen add [sic], the link to close it reads "Skip this welcome screen". If this is the Forbes idea of welcome, one rather wonders how they see their guests out at the end of the night.
I love that I never go to And I also love that although I was a French major, not an English major, I never use the phrase "the fact that," or anything else as redundant & meaningless. And that I can proofread well enough not to let "add" go when I mean "ad."

And I love the irony that someone who complains about poor English usage (to put it mildly) can't turn a phrase or proofread well enough to save her own life.

We'll let the misplaced full stop go, as Ms. McA.'s Anglophilia (Except of course for their rotten National Health, which actually provides health care for their nation, imagine that!) is more or less understandable. Though our patience wears thin. She hasn't been typing for The Economist for some months now. Can't teach a long-time hack new tricks, nor even the same ones she probably never learned in the first place.

"One rather wonders," indeed.


spencer said...

What is her point? That an ad is not actually a welcome? Or that having the ability to close it is not welcoming?

God, her writing sucks.

Batocchio said...

Link, please? Love the site, though...