Thursday, February 21, 2008

Verbal Diarrhea

Someone take away Megan's prescription uppers, whatever they are. She's never this productive. She must be trying to put a good face on her habits for Instaputz's huge and influential readership of scared little men. Oy. This will be in two parts, one Atlantic, the other Instaputzy. First, The Atlantic.

Eliot Spitzer is doing: I'm glad to know Megan loathes the Guv. He has real flaws, but he's also not George Pataki, which is inherently a wonderful, glorious thing. He also has some real achievements, and knows how to pick his enemies.

Eliot Spitzer is doing what he does best--threatening regulatory interventions of dubious legality, in order to strongarm banks into donating money to his pet causes. In this case, that cause is the municipal bond authorities of New York State.
Ann Althouse, who the me that I am is not, would probably call that libelous. At the very least, it shows Megan is quite angry at him. Too bad it's too late to add him to the poll.

Brookings: Income mobility is not what it used to be:
A chapter of the report released last fall found startling evidence that a majority of black children born to middle-class parents grew up to have lower incomes and that nearly half of middle-class black children fell into the bottom fifth in adulthood, compared with 16 percent of middle-class white children.
That is a shocking statistic. It's easy to understand why poor black kids have trouble getting ahead: a combination of social capital, culture, racism, and lack of resources. It certainly is possible to succeeed if you're poor--the difference is, if you're poor you have to do every single thing right, while the rest of us have some margin for error. But middle class kids have parents to model and enforce successful behavior; they also have resources to ride out life's storms. Nor is racism a particularly plausible explanation. Racism may depress the earnings of middle-class blacks--but not to poverty level. The returns to education are actually higher for African-Americans than for whites (though in part this is because they're starting from a low base).
Once again, fuck you Megan. IT'S FUCKING RACISM. Unless you want to say blacks are inherently inferior, and you leave that for Steve Sailer to insinuate, most of the time, then the only possible explanation for this huge discrepancy is discrimination against those folk. That's called racism. Megan is probably still trying to figure out how to blame it on the public school system.

Ise, Ise baby . . .:
That said, I don't have a good sense of how much impact this sort of thing actually has, and I suspect it's (sadly) rather common.
How long have you lived in DC, Megan?

Lessig is more
one certainly can't object to the prospect of more serious thinkers, and fewer professional politicians, in Congress.
Mkay, Jonah's gf.

Clinton campaign in chaos?:
FOXNews offers confirming evidence for what I've been saying for months
"confirming evidence". English major. N yeah, the attitude is full of shit, but, well, duh.
On the other hand, I didn't think she could win in New York. On the third hand, perhaps she wouldn't have, if she'd been playing against the varsity. At any rate, it certainly doesn't sound good.
"the third hand". And yes, this noted prognosticator thought Hillary couldn't win in NY. Megan didn't just think she wouldn't win, but couldn't. English major.

Back with the flipside of hell later. Plus maybe a look at the debate post.


Anonymous said...

"(though in part this is because they're starting from a low base)"

Really? All of them? All blacks are poor? Christ, Megan -- shut up. You don't have the slightest clue what you're talking about when it comes to this stuff.

NutellaonToast said...

I love how we "finally" have evidence. Yeah, cause polls haven't been showing McCain losing to Obama but beating Hillary since, I don't know, the dawn of fucking time.

M. Bouffant said...

If I'm not mistaken, many people (not just African-Americans) are not doing as well as their parents did, as a result of the war on the middle class begun under Reagan in the '80s. Granted, most of my friends & acquaintances are pathetic low-income artsy-fartsy wierdos, but I know about two homeowners. Not even Megan, w/ all her output & notoriety, seems able to afford a house.

And if there was no "varsity" going against HRC in NY, it might be because the Rs knew it was a lost cause from the beginning, no matter what Megan wanted to believe.