Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Please Kill Yourself

Miss Megan blogs about rising suicide among the middle-aged (nearly 20% between 1999 & 2004) & wonders why. Just minutes (well, an hour or so) before I read that, I heard well-known pinko Thom Hartmann on Air America referring to the NYT article, & then referring us to a BBC story that in Australia, over the last 100 yrs., suicide has risen every time a conservative gov't. has been in office. Wasted half an hour trying to find it on the BBC's site & Google™, but couldn't. Maybe it's on Hartmann's site, I dunno, my time runs out here at the library. Makes sense to me though. If any one could make middle-aged people kill themselves, it would be G. W. Bush & his administration, as people realized how miserable the remainder of their lives would be.

And we might also remember a recent (last wk.?) study indicating the the young & the old are happier than the middle-aged. No one seemed to make the connection that of those three groups, only the middle-aged are stuck in horrid, mind-numbing jobs, w/ the proverbial bootheels stomping on their faces for the foreseeable future.

P. S.: If I'm never heard from again...

UPDATE: See comments for links to the studies I couldn't find, from ever-helpful Contributing Editor emeritus Spencer. Thanx!!


spencer said...

I think this may be the study Hartmann was referring to:

Or it could be this one, from the same journal:

M. Bouffant said...


spencer said...

Or here's another one from the Guardian that isn't hidden behind a pay firewall:

So now I think I am going to surf over to CafePress and whip up a t-shirt that reads, "Conservatism Kills." After all, studies prove it.

M. Bouffant said...

Or "Studies Prove: Conservatism Makes You Want To Kill Yourself!!"