Monday, February 11, 2008


Well, Brad and M. double post while I was working on my own. I narrowly manage to avoid triple posting.

I'll just go with my favorite couple of quotes from her piece which deals with her ongoing obsession with airport security and how really really inconvenient it is that they're delaying her an hour while the make sure no one is trying to kill her.

She quotes Bruce Schneier approvingly, and the quote includes these nice little tidbits:

Really, I would take all the extra money for airport security and have well-trained guards, both uniformed and plainclothes, walking through the airports looking for suspicious people.
Yes, why don't we just use our brown suspicious people detectors! That'd save us so much money. But on second thought....

If we secure our airport and the terrorists go bomb shopping malls, we’ve wasted our money
fuck it! Since we can't protect everywhere, we might as well protect nowhere. I mean, if we protect our airports and malls, but the terrorists blow up and abandoned shack along the Pennsylvania Turnpike, we've wasted our money.

And for my finale, our muse herself says:
I will say that the ladies in Fort Walton who searched my knapsack four times in order to discover the errant bottle of nailpolish that had wedged itself in the bottom of the laptop compartment were the nicest airport security people I've ever encountered. It's a pity they can't have more productive jobs.
Yes, Megan, those workers chose a menial, thankless job that subjects them to incessant abuse simply because it existed. If their jobs disappeared they'd assuredly be software engineers.

PS Do I point out that she was stupid enough to bring items she knew were banned AGAIN or is that obvious enough?

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spencer said...

Rules don't apply to the World's Tallest Female Econoblogger. Being a glibertarian child of privilege means never having to obey FAA regulations if you don't feel like it or if you think they're stupid - don't you know that?