Friday, February 8, 2008

This Is Rich (In Irony, If Not Nutrition)

And I quote:

I do mind being a huge pain in the ass to those around me, since the number of things I can eat, and the number of places I can eat, just shrank dramatically.
Concentrating only on the first part, I can think of several solutions to "being a huge pain in the ass." But of course, if she really minded being a total pain in the po-po, she'd just stop it.

This is the result of a "Lenten fast--whether or not you're particularly religious..." If it's "Lenten," it's pretty GD religious, otherwise it would just be a fast, plain & simple. I for one am tired of people w/ food fethishes/issues, religious or otherwise. Eat it or don't, no one else cares! Get it? We're not interested. No one is interested. If you have problems dealing w/ food, are continually dieting or fasting, & sharing the info w/ all & sundry, you are mentally disturbed & should give Dr. Laura or Dr. Phil or another first-named "doctor" a call & get some help.

Is there something illegal or immoral about cheese or butter? (Eggs & meat I get, it's murder!) No animal is harmed in the making thereof, indeed, Mrs. Cow would be bursting if she weren't milked.

And is this entire "vegan" thing on the part of Ms. McA. merely "Lenten?"


Anonymous said...

Reading her blog, I have, long wondered if, she gets a kickback, from the American Comma Producers, or, if she, just, has a really, shitty, keyboard.

K. Ron Silkwood

Anonymous said...

Eggs are usually unfertilized and thus not murder.

M. Bouffant said...

Excellent observation, K. Ron, I hadn't noticed that myself, & I'm a supreme grammar fascist.

As to eggs, isn't eating even an unfertilized one equivalent to masturbation, at least, if not murder?