Wednesday, February 13, 2008


you know the drill.

Department of unintuitive economic findings: I AM TOO AN ECONO-BLOGGER! Look at me (mis)use jargon and make Spencer cry!

Stupid move: I agree. Putting your own argument in blockquotes is a stupid move, as it makes your readers wonder who the hell wrote it.

Marginal Revolution: Was there a Housing Bubble?: The fact that housing prices have not (yet) totally collapsed shows this whole "housing bubble" thing is a myth. Like the subprime mortgage thing, which would only be a problem if way more than 50% defaulted. This is quality econo-blogging.

Outside the box: Wouldn't it be great to try massive science experiments with the global climate? That'll show global warming who's boss. Maybe we can have an ice age instead!
(I suspect Nutella will have more on this one, as his comment shows actual knowledge of the science involved.)

Your Vegan news for the day: Today I'm wearing red socks, my fav warm jeans, and a cute top. I ate kashi in soy for breakfast, a secret can of Tabasco flavored Slim Jims for lunch, and a huge bowl of superior morality for dinner. Yum!

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