Thursday, February 28, 2008

Paultards On The Rampage

For amusement's sake, wander to Ms. McA.'s & peep at the comments when she takes a mild poke (mostly by quoting Wonkette) at Ron Paul, who certainly deserves to be poked w/ at least a sharp stick. Perhaps w/ the Sharp Stick That Grants Common Sense, were there such a thing. Then we could give McMegan a jab as well.

As an example:

In closing Megan I would suggest you read the law of the land a few times and support limited gov and use your real skills to expose those who do not support our founding fathers then attack one of few men who does.

I expect to see improvements with your next post and if not I will send a letter to the editor then simply stop reading any news alert which bears your name. I'm sure others will take the same approach.
The above not written by anyone from here, honest.

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Giles R said...

Wow, it's like some kind of Ron Paul distress beacon has been set off in that thread and the hordes have rushed to his aid.

Whoever is in control of the Ron Paul Blog Defense Bot that is generating all of these insane posts better confess soon. I refuse to believe that there are thousands of real people who are crazy enough to come up with those comments.

Oh God, I just noticed a comment comparing Ron Paul to Ghandi...