Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Truth Be Told...

Why, look at this:

Journalism is a career that is highly, highly dependent on networking and self-promotion,
sez Ms. McArdle.

And who would know better?

It's all about raising yourself up by your bootstraps, you know. Or sucking up to the powerful, at least those more powerful than you. And soon enough you'll find that talent & ability don't matter, it's just the attitude you display to your betters.

And that Barbara Ehrenreich? Acting like a lunatic! Just save your money, kids. It's easy!

Here's just how easy it is, as told by D. Sidhe, commenting @ the ever-popular Sadly, No!


brad said...

Pssst. Remember to check drafts first, plz.

Anonymous said...

Lots of careers are dependent on social networking and self-promotion. What an idiot statement. And she writes that like she's some seasoned pro who's been rolling in the trenches for decades. Please. Five years ago, she was just some blogger living with her parents who only got attention because she had some lowly administrative desk job at Ground Zero that apparently allowed for her to spend hours yapping on the internet.

spencer said...

Is that how we got stuck with her? I always wondered.

M. Bouffant said...

brad, dude: We can't check drafts other than the title, unless they are our own. I s'pect there's nothing to be done about that. And I sort of covered a different aspect of her stupid statement. Nothing wrong w/ piling on, really.

spencer said...

Truth be told, I rather like reading multiple takes of McMegan's oeuvre. I mean, shit - there's plenty of inanity in every single post, often to the point where no one human can shred it the way it deserves to be shredded.