Tuesday, February 5, 2008

But if you take my sarcasm literally, I'm right!

Pricing Power:

I'm impressed by the fact that the response so far to my post on cost overruns in the Massachusetts health care program has so far been met by . . . changing the subject


These are spectacularly irrelevant to the question of whether covering the uninsured will cost much, much more than estimates

Duh, guys! Megan's snark was in no way an attempt to bash a program she clearly is ideologically opposed to! She was just talking about how much she hates it when political programs cost more than politicians said they would! For proof of this, look at how many times she's lambasted Bush about how the Iraq war went a gazillion times longer and cost a babolizzion times more money than they said it would! Bad estimates are one of her pet peeves. She didn't mean anything else by it! Her readers are just really really obtuse!


spencer said...

To be fair, her readers do deserve some of the blame for their enabling behavior.

NutellaonToast said...

yeah, but she never blames them for being as stupid as she is. She blames them for not understanding what she wrote when they interpret it they way anyone would.