Monday, February 25, 2008

There's One Born Every Minute*

And Megan must be one of them, if she doesn't realize that these sorts of attempted scams never stop.

It just occurred to me how odd it is to see ads in the style of the late 1990's "Make a fortune in the stock market with [insert financial services firm here"[sic]. The Dow is in the doldrums, and more to the point, you would think that people would be tired of get-rich-quick schemes based on rising asset prices. But perhaps they never do.
There's always one ad or another talking about "making money in a declining stock market." And the radio advert from the National Association of Realtors screeching that "each market is different," go ahead & try your luck in real estate despite the obvious is rather amusing. It's suckers like this who fall for glibertarianism in the first place.

*The actual P. T. Barnum quote was along the lines of "You'll never go broke underestimating the taste of the American public," but you get what we mean. Poor taste, ignorance, just plain stupidity & venality, it's as American as poisoned w/ Alar apple pie.


spencer said...

Every real estate market *is* different.

They're just not different in ways that would make much difference to most investors - i.e., they all suck.

Anonymous said...

Nutella's going to love this:


"That's not to say that you should have a preference between Democrats and Republicans--frankly, these days, it feels a lot like 'So, by which of the plagues of Egypt would you like to be consumed?'"

January 9:

"I was surprised at how hard I was rooting for Obama, given that this election feels a lot like being asked 'So, which of the plagues of Egypt would you like to be consumed by?'"

She's not only recycling headlines, she's recycling bad jokes now, too.