Saturday, February 16, 2008

Megan McAudio

Ever the masochist, I decided to click on "Radio Free Megan," which turns out to be the "official podcast" (as if there's an unofficial one being bootlegged over the Internet at this very moment, f'r crissake) of Asymmetrical Information. It may not be her fault, but if you wanted to waste 64 minutes of your life, or merely wanted a clue to McArdle family dynamics, you can't listen to her interview w/ her father ("Transit Talk") because the link links to her squawk w/ McCain's econ boy ("McCainomics") which is played back at a very low volume (his voice lower than hers, oddly enough). I'm unable to adjust the volume on the devil-box I'm using, but did turn up the podcast volume to max.

Whether we can blame Ms. McA. directly for the technical difficulties/incompetence, or lay them at the feet of the no doubt underpaid & treated-like-crap geek at The Atlantic is unknown, but it's just typical, innit?

The point being, don't waste your time, in case you were going to. (But you weren't, were you, being wiser than that?)

Big Generalized P. S. (not referring only to McMegan): What really is the point of podcasts? Just transcribe your interminable conversations & let us read them &/or skip through them. Anything spoken can be read through in, say, a third of the time it would take to listen, unless one is listening while ironing or drying the dishes, in which case it's neither compelling nor worthwhile, is it?

brad adds:

She does podcasts and bloggingheads to pad her resume as a fledgling pundit. Think of them as audition tapes for hating on Hillary with Chris Matthews. Fortunately, she's got no screen presence, looks like a Pound Puppy, and very, very clearly has no voice training, so she still has to ratchet her mediocrity up quite a bit to have a shot.

The Big Malig adds (19 February 2008, 1013 PST):

Pound Puppies™ are cute, though.

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