Monday, February 18, 2008

Thanks... kind off.

How to lose money in the subprimes without really trying:

It's hilarious, this is!

Thankfully, there's still something to make fun of as Megan who, rather than provide a link as I have, embeds this hilarious slide show. It contains small text. Any html genius wanna splain to Miss Bright-o-Pants what happens when you shrink something with small text to a quarter of its original size? (Hint: the text loses some of its utility.)


Anonymous said...

Anything written in Comic Sans MS is definitely meant to be Taken Seriously.

spencer said...

I once worked at a company where that font was actually used for official communications with existing / repeat customers. The women who were in charge of that department (and yes, they were all women - it was that kind of a company, where the women did customer relations and the men did the R&D and the sales, and there was simply no crossing that line in either direction) simply could not understand the argument that Comic Sans does not project a professional appearance. Yet they had no trouble making that argument in regards to the vintage Sinatra t-shirt I occasionally wore on Fridays.

I mean, it *was* a software company, for Chrissakes.

And oh yeah, I made them change the goddamn font.