Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Election blogging

We begin with another self-righteous, but lacking in self-awareness, swipe at the MSM.

The longer I watch politics--and I haven't, in two years--the more grating I find the television anchors. Their need for verbal filler to occupy air space (terrifying thought: what if the viewers are the ones who require this filler, to refocus their minds after all those glittering montages of automobiles and alchoholic beverages) is mind boggling--but even more amazing are the things they come up with to fill it. Favorite so far: "He's leading among women. And he's leading among men. That'll do it." But that was weeks ago. Tonight we have Wolf Blitzer introducing an election segment thusly: "Here we are waiting for the primary results. Some states have picked winners; some states have not." Yes, that about covers it.
How do you pack that much dumb into so few words? Nevermind the admission she hasn't followed politics for two years (why the fuck are you writing about them, then Megan?), look at what follows.
If you need to be told who to vote for by your fourteen year old child, you should definitely stay home.
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Hillary wins her home state of Arkansas, and also her home state of New York. But she's lost her home state of Illinois.
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McCain and Clinton. The Ayres calculation was pretty much 100% off. In the tradition of poll-watchers everywhere, I blame the likely voters model.
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Matt Yglesias and I just finished taping an election roundup that will be up sometime before sunrise, according to the nice folks at Bloggingheads TV. Pardon the weird digressions; it's late.
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But what? Despite losses in California, Intrade thinks Obama emerged stronger than ever from last night's contests; he's now at 47% to win the nomination, while Clinton has dropped to 53%.
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To date, Mark Penn's firm has received $4.3 million from the Clinton campaign. Obviously, the thing to do, if you want to be in politics, is not to be a candidate, but a consultant. You don't have to shake hands or kiss babies, and no matter what happens, you never really lose.
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You were saying, Megan?
*back with more, she laid a buncha stinkers today*


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English majors might note "thusly" is not a word.

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