Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Who is she talking to?

Back to the well of redundancy, she again uses a favorite title of hers. I don't even want to know how many hits a search of "Department of" in her archives would give.

Don't worry, there's also schizophrenia in this post.

Department of non-leading indicators:

I won't even quote here. Megan writes two sentences and provides an ~20 sentence quote to show us that Cubans really are poor.

Who the hell is she talking to? I mean, yeah, I live in Berkeley. I know there's more than a few stupid hippies that think Cuba is a swell place to live, but are there really enough of them that Megan needs to waste her breath? Does she think that any of them read her blog? Is she convinced that she might actually persuade them to shower, shave, get a job, and stop fucking all of their friends in weed soaked orgies while singing "Hail pappa Castro?"

I just imagine Megan, sitting at her desk, trembling and muttering to herself "I won't eat meat. Cuba is bad. I won't eat meat. Cuba is bad," occasionally screaming "HEATH LEDGER IS THE DEVIL!" while Ross and Andrew pet her hair soothingly saying "Calm down, Megan. The men in white coats are almost here." and thinking to themselves "I bet we can find her stash of uppers."

I wonder what kind of fit she throws when she finds out they don't make straight jackets in elongated elf sizes.

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