Monday, February 25, 2008

Another One I Couldn't Let Pass

It's been quite a day @ Asymmetrical Information.

I defend the pharmaceutical companies a lot here, and with good reason; they produce lifesaving drugs. More please!
"More please!" Isn't that cute?

Now let's try it another way: "I defend Hitler a lot here, and with good reason; he produced the autobahn. Faster please!"
The possibilities are almost endless. Submit your entries in the comments.

And just to deal a bit w/ the serious (just kidding, we all know better) portion of her item:
Nonetheless, one criticism I don't see made enough is that pharmaceutical companies don't seem to realize that they can't sell pills the way you sell detergent.
But, they won't make enough money to provide all those life-saving, vomit & diarrhea-inducing drugs if they can't sell them to suckers who don't need them. And how will they pay for the marketing if they don't market?

P. S.: In this country, you can sell anything the way you sell detergent. That's what freedom is all about! See, for example, this item from a bit earlier in the day. Does whatever passes before her eyes & ears sink in just a bit & provoke some sort of response, whether it's telebision advertising or some one's web log, w/o any worry/concern about consistency?

P. P. S.: She's never seen/heard any one mention previously that perhaps the mass-marketing of prescription pharmaceuticals is not the best idea in the world?

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