Friday, February 22, 2008

I grow weary

As Brad has noted, Megan's output has swelled like a balloon. Since there's only so much hot air I can take in any given week, I've been slacking. Can you blame me?

Still, I skim through and come across nuggets like this:

I concede that there is a collective action problem in providing actual public goods, like the military and statues of politicians on horseback
........ politicians on horseback? WTF? Was a publicity stunt by dubya that I haven't heard about? Has Megan confused the year 2008 with the year a-long-time-ago and politicians with people we generally associate with horses? Seriously, what politician has a statue of himself on a horse? What the hell is wrong with her? Does she even think? Why does she insist on putting these awful jokes into her already awful "analysis?" They wouldn't even be funny if they made sense.


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