Monday, February 18, 2008

How much stupid is there in the world?

Not stupidity, stupid. Stupidity is too evolved to describe Megan's drivel. Her two main posts today contain a staggering amount of sheer, unadulterated, stupid. George Bush would call her work today shallow and uninformative, if he could read. This is going to be a painful post, and it has a sequel to follow.

The lobby that dare not speak its name:

Foreign policy is not my area, so it's pretty low down the huge pile of books sitting unread on my shelves. But I have read most of the reviews, and what strikes me is how much of the objection seems to be to the simple fact of acknowledging that there is an Israel lobby.
Next week, Megan provides reviews of books she's been told exist. I can't wait to see what she thinks of whatever manuscript Pynchon is theoretically developing just this moment.
Nevermind the thesis of this post, it's painful enough just documenting the stupid. We'll start off with a light assault on reason and logic
No Arab-American I have ever met is either surprised or offended when you note that the Michigan delegation in Congress is the only substantial geographical opponent to America's Israel policy; indeed, they wish they had this power in other states. Irish Americans don't accuse you of conspiracy-mongering when you note the way the late Senator Moynihan happily handed out vastly disproportionate numbers of visas to the Irish.
What is a "geographical opponent"? I even googled it to check if it's jargon, and Megan's post is either the second or first result, depending on whether you search the words or the phrase. The phrase only yields 49 results, with near all the rest about sports team rivalries. And, since we're not above nitpicking here, can't an English major take care with her language so as not to indicate that Senators have the ability to issue visas (and a responsibility to use that authority in a geographically balanced manner, apparently) though of course they can dictate certain things to the INS depending on seniority and the willingness of others in the power structure to tolerate it.
Moving along, we come to the first dose of weapons grade stupid of the day
no one persecutes Arabs on the grounds that they are running a secret conspiracy to rule the world. To some extent I'm sympathetic to it, much as I understand why research into race and IQ has been left largely to wingnuts with not-so-hidden agendas.
I have to give her credit, that's quite a one-two punch. Megan, apparently, lives in DC but hasn't heard of that ole bullshit boogeyman Islamofascism, or... Gitmo. They have nothing to do with Megan McArdle becoming a vegan, so it's not surprising. As for race and IQ, that's like asking why only kooks are still into phrenology. Race and IQ are largely artificial constructs left over from the global hegemony of a certain strata of european and american males, but I'm not a sociologist so there's only so much i can say to justify that claim. It does make sense that an enabler of the still quite powerful remains of that hegemony like Megan would want further research into the confluence of two streams of bullshit. As we're about to see, Megan remains horrified by the idea that a wealthy person anywhere would find reason for self-doubt.
But first, I'll give Megan the final word, with another of her cute little admissions of personal fallibility
I'm not sure how well this works--we give Israel an awful lot of money, and to some extent it seems to me that the regional rivalries are the product, rather than the cause, of our Israel policy. On the other hand, I'm no expert, and Dan is, so I'm probably wrong.

*back with part 2 after I crack a beer and stretch my legs*


NutellaonToast said...

I love the "and to some extent it seems to me that the regional rivalries are the product, rather than the cause, of our Israel policy"

Yeah, right. Arabs totally loved the Jews before America became their friends. Remember back in 1948 when Israel and the Arabs were so buddy buddy? Those were the good old days.

spencer said...

I'm no expert . . . so I'm probably wrong.

This should be the last line of every post Megan ever writes.