Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I have seen the face of Satan. It is a blog where Megan and Ann Althouse, who I am not, both post. It's called Instapundit. It is a bad place where bad people say stupid, hateful things. You're probably familiar with it, if only by reputation.
Megan said her posts would be cross-posted, as I noted earlier, but some were not. These are those moments of pain, but, in keeping with Instapundit's limited literacy, they're short.

Consumer price inflation inches higher:

Both the headline number and "core" inflation--which excludes food and energy prices--rose substantially. Economists surveyed by the Wall Street Journal think it won't last. Of course, they were also surprised by the current figures.
... and?

It depends on what the meaning of the word "pledged" is:
Instapundit is always a great place to make stunning declarations--in 2004, it's where I announced I was voting for George Bush.
What's stunning about that? You're a corporate enabler, Megan. GW should still be your idol. Now, an overblown proclamation
So here goes: Hillary is done. She cannot collect enough delegates to win the nomination. The superdelegates are not going to hand the nomination to someone who didn't get a majority of the delegates, or the popular votes, in the primaries.
Well, actually, she still can collect enough delegates to win. It will be very, very difficult, but it is possible. If Hillary doesn't win Texas and Ohio on March 4th, then she's done, though if she wins one she'll likely stay in the race till the end. Megan has more to say, but she's plain factually wrong.

CNN is reporting that Obama just secured the endorsement of the Teamsters. I am unfortunately seized by a mental vision of Hillary Clinton pounding on the lid of her coffin as the final nails are driven in.
Unfortunately? Has Megan accepted that she'll face nihilism without Hillary loathing to animate her?

Apparently, the Northern Illinois campus shooter was taking prozac, xanax, and ambien.:
This is being reported as if it were something ominous, perhaps the cause of the tragedy. This seems a little much. It's not exactly shocking to find out that people who go on shooting sprees are often depressed, anxious types with difficulty sleeping.
No, Megan, they aren't reporting it in any such way. Maybe you're just upset they're not turning the revelation into a chance to make jokes about Heath Ledger, but the CNN article in question contains the following line
A psychiatrist not familiar with the details of the case said the three-drug combination was not necessarily either unusual or dangerous.
and reads like a basic provision of information on the background of the shooter. I don't think Megan understands that headlines are designed to convey information.

And now, a word from Ann Althouse, who I am not.
HI, MEGAN, HI MICHAEL. Nice to be here with you again. I've been away all afternoon flying from Madison, Wisconsin — my usual home base — to Brooklyn Heights, where I'm a visiting professor at Brooklyn Law School this year. I'm especially glad to be back to my view of New York Harbor for tonight's total eclipse of the moon. If the clouds behave I hope to have some nice photographs for all you Instapundit (and Althouse) readers. But don't wait for the photographs. Find a vantage point and gaze. Or howl. Or whatever one does for a total eclipse. Not howl. That's for the full moon. Maybe a hearty silent scream. You'll have to wait until 2010 for the next opportunity.
No joke required.


spencer said...

Are you *sure* you're not Ann Althouse?

brad said...

Signs you are not Ann Althouse:

1. You have a blog, yet it does not feature pictures of your cleavage.

2. You do not have weekly deliveries of box wine to your home for purely personal use.

3. You have found that most of the world around you does not involve you.

4. You do not resemble Edgar Winters.

5. You don't respond to criticism by acting 80 years younger than you actually are and demand an apology.

6. You haven't been totally pwned by me, pretty much without effort.

Clem said...

Someone go tell that stupid c**t Althouse that a full moon is, in fact, a prerequisite for a total lunar eclipse.

Anonymous said...

6. You haven't been totally pwned by me, pretty much without effort.

That was pretty awesome. Of course, whenever Althouse pitches a fit it's pretty awesome.

M. Bouffant said...

We might also note that the NIU shooter went off his meds two wks. before the shooting, as the meds "made him feel like a zombie," or words to that effect.

We might note it, but apparently Megan doesn't. (Is she a Scientologist™, besides her other inanities?)