Tuesday, February 5, 2008

In a free market, people disenfranchise themselves!

Super Tuesday Endorsements!:

Megan scolds poor Matt Yglesias for encouraging people to vote. Choice quote:

"If you live in a Super Tuesday state, and you don't know or care about the election, hey, have another beer."
Stick it to those rubes to whom you're so superior, Megamaniac!

She then goes on to the always humorous "self-blockquote." Is she quoting the voices in her head? She likes Obama for the funniest reasons!
His goal is not more government so that we can all be caught up in some giant, expressive excercise of collectively enforcing our collective will on all the other people standing around us in the collective
Yes, cause it's so much better when collevtive enforcing of collective will is done by collecting the random forces of collective markets which collect us all into a collect course of action based on the collective actions of others. Why should we rationalize the forces that make us do things because we have no choice?
Plus, he doesn't have Hillary Clinton's deep administrative ties, which means two good things: less capture by the bureaucracy, and arguably less ability to get things done
If he wins, he won't get away with any of that evil stuff that we all know is going to ruin everything, like healing sick people and shit. What a fucking ... argh... I was told not to use so many feminine specific insults but the urge is so strong.... argghhh..... ahg. So basically, she disagrees with him but it's okie cause he's gonna suck to much to do any of the things with which she disagrees with. Yeah, that's how democracy should work.

Coming up, we'll have some hypocrisy and whacked the fuck out moral compass to defend her position on supporting Romney:
I'm still deeply weirded out by the dog on the roof thing . . . but not as weirded out as I am by McCain-Feingold.
Wow, where to begin? You eat humane meat but animal cruelty makes you "weirded out." Also, this comes in a second to your distaste for campaign finance reform. Good job, Meganamo! Me, I'm not voting for Romney cause, whatever he made his dog shit all over itself in a windtunnel, but I heard he was cruel to his pet rock when he was a kid.

But, buried in the middle of those two is the bestest little nugget of em all:
And frankly, I'm creeped out by the notion of a presidential succession that goes Bush . . . Clinton . . . Bush . . . Clinton.
First, the low fruit. Megan, don't English majors get taught NOT TO START SENTENCES WITH THE WORD AND?!?!?! That's like coming out of your MBA program not knowing what "money" is.

And, um, so, you voted for Bush twice. Apparently, you have no problem with a Bush... Clinton... Bush sandwich but if you throw another Clinton in there, well, it's not a sandwich anymore and what kind of food metaphor would we use? I mean, seriously folks, be reasonable. I knew the advisers were right when they told Hillary to stick with her maiden name but, noooooooooo, they just wouldn't listen. Now she's gone and lost the "retarded women who'd never have voted for her anyway bloc." Such poor planning.

Oh, and how could I miss this nugget?!?!?!!
Romney's economic advisor is not only a highly-regarded Harvard professor of economics, but also a first-class blogger, suggesting a certain openness to the future.
The guy uses the internets! He's so forward thinking! Cause the internet, while a small, niche market now, definitely has quite the future.


M. Bouffant said...

Most of these glibertarians really don't like the idea of democracy at all: "Why should the mob be allowed to vote? They just vote themselves more of my money! Hmpf." Especially the ones who are ignorant of the issues & having themselves a beer.

Clever Pseudonym said...

"If people are so uninterested in the election that they have to be exhorted by friends in other states to go to the polls, then my suspicion is that their vote will not be an informed attempt to select the best candidate."

And then she goes on to give her personal endorsements, because what SHE thinks about who I should vote for is so much more special and important than people that I know and trust. How charmingly condescending.

spencer said...

Hell, I don't think people should vote if they don't know what the hell is going on either.

Of course, the difference between Megan and me is that I think voter ignorance is a problem that we should make a serious effort at rectifying. We need a nation chock full of informed voters, as opposed to what we have now or what Megan seems to want.

Maybe that makes me an elitist. I sure hope not, though.

jp said...

Plus she can't spell "exercise"?

Clever Pseudonym said...

I don't think it's elitist to believe that voters should be informed. I just think that 1)"the best candidate" is a subjective choice and 2) I kind of got the sense that she somehow felt that listing her personal endorsements = "informing" her readers.

If I want to be informed about anything outside of navel gazing, MM is the last person I'd consult.