Monday, February 18, 2008

Your discussion of something that is not me reminds me

that I, me, am here, being the me that I am. And the me that I am thinks Megan is the child of Jonah and Ann Althouse, who the me that I am is not. How else to explain the blegs and narcissism?
Snickers are about Megan.

Too bad I'll never get to eat a Snickers again; turns out that nougat contains (non-humane) gelatin.



Clever Pseudonym said...

Gelatin is used in a lot of things. I wonder if Megan will be giving up photgraphic film and paper, since those contain "non-humane" gelatin? Or is it only food she's self-righteous about?

M. Bouffant said...

Does this mean that she is firmly & forever committed to whatever peculiar dietary practice she has committed to? Like when she was a vegetarian, then gave it up for "humane" meat-eating?