Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Just to Add

...to brad's item on McArdle's Instapud item, in which she quotes a letter from a reader whose friend is a "public-sector psychiatrist." (Convoluted enough for you? Not to mention the "a friend of a reader says absolutely, blah blah blah..." so it's gotta be true attitude.)

Assuming that the public shrink who is a friend of a reader is correct (as a participant in the public mental health system, I can say that I was given samples of the medication I'm currently taking by both a private [non-psychiatrist] doctor & by my "public-sector" shrink, then when the public sector sample supply ran out I was officially enrolled in the County prescription program, which doesn't cost me a penny, except of course for all the taxes I've paid throughout my life) if I'm not mistaken (and I really have no idea what the "Michael Moore idea of a medical system" is) a single-payer program would probably combine the "bean-counters" & look at the totality of potential expenses. This two-part bean-counter system doesn't seem very efficient. Isn't private, for-profit enterprise a guarantee of the ultimate in efficiency? You don't suppose that, say, Medicare for all would cut down on such overhead & inefficiency, let alone the 30% premium Americans pay for medical care over our European cousins? Too bad Instapud doesn't allow comments.

Or as brad so aptly put it, in Megan's voice:

Your anecdotal experiences of the world are immaterial. Only my own bear sufficient weight to contradict carefully conducted studies of reality.
except that it applies to me, in this case.

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