Friday, February 15, 2008

Love & Hate the Day After V. D.

For some reason, I've always despised people who can't spell a word even when they're copying it from two lines above:

The guys next door might be gearing up for Trimethylaluminum Fiesta Days. You never can tell.

Trimethyaluminum [sic] fiesta days! Don't forget to try out the sports package!
And people who can't get the upper case correct when copying either. Has this woman ever checked her spelling, let alone her stylistic moves or the actual content of her work?

Note: In Megan's original, the first paragraph is a blockquote.

1 comment:

Clever Pseudonym said...

The title's a stinker. "Department of professional gibberish." Just because *you* don't understand, Megan, doesn't mean it's "gibberish."