Wednesday, April 16, 2008


That's how long the GG/MM bloggingheads bit runs. Fuck your mother.
If I last more than 20 minutes I want oral gratification from the redhead from Strangers With Candy as a reward. Jebus McFatfuck.

Also on bloggingheads is a talk between the rabidly pro-Hillary blogger, who recently lost her mind, Jeralyn Merritt of Talk Left and Ann Althouse, who I still am not, about "The loneliness of the pro-Hillary blogger". This is the link, but don't click unless you want a painful suicide. Here's the topic list

Why Hillary should stay in (until July, anyway) (07:36)
Is Hillary a wounded wife, or does she just play one on TV? (06:27)
Ann defends making fun of Hillary and her gender (08:57)
Jeralyn says rape is about violence, not sex; Ann begs to differ (04:50)
Child-porn case raises questions about the role of juries (08:01)
An appreciation of Charlton Heston, actor and activist (02:46)
I'm sure Jeralyn also takes the time to explain why she and her candidate have been indistinguishable from McCain and his surrogates in their assaults on Obama, who's going to win the nomination, and how that doesn't make her an asshole. Then Ann talks about the Clenis.
Mickey Kaus is also currently featured on bloggingheads. Apparently the whole concept behind that site is to make videos so painful even the people in them find them unwatchable. Up next from the same development team,


NutellaonToast said...

Two questions:

1) What's the origin of you not being Ann Althouse, again? I know you haven't been Ann Althouse for a while, but when did you first start being not Ann Althouse?

2) Seriously, who the fuck watches these things. That talk left chick seemed vaguely coherent, but I was getting seasick watching Althouse's bobbing.

brad said...

It goes back to her complaining about S,N! allowing people to comment using her name, which predates her confusing me with bradrocket to great comic effect and eventual tantrum.

And I have no idea. I'm going to try to cut the thing up into chunks and maybe have it processed by tomorrow eve.

Anonymous said...

She must be stopped. I think she tops from the bottom.

Anonymous said...

Who cares about Jeralyn!?

Stop megargle!

Anonymous said...

Answer me.