Monday, April 21, 2008

Not a lie, just a conscious distortion of the truth

Megan comes back with evidence of her earlier claim that

large number of commenters who have just immigrated from Mauritania
were attacking her personally. Her proof is a rude email and a rude comment in response to her Cindy McCain post from Thursday, the day before her Obama post.
I'm not quite sure what she thinks this demonstrates, tho. Unless they were pissy about a post she'd yet to write, the comment on the Cindy McCain post isn't likely from an Obama supporter and, well, Megan said
Most distressing of all, however, is the fact that they seem to have completely missed the point. I am a Barack Obama supporter, albeit of a rather tepid variety, worried about a potential issue in the general election, not a detractor looking for nasty things to say about him.
but at least the email, while not a comment on her blog, actually comes from an Obama supporter and discusses her sexuality. She didn't completely make it up, she just distorted everyday internet rudeness to make herself seem put upon.
Megan probably has some very offensive work in the pipe, and so she's laying down a preemptive defense grid. Please evil Jebus from the reverse dimension, don't let it be about race or comedy.

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