Monday, April 7, 2008

Megan Advises Her Readers...

to "clean your hands very well."

No, not after reading anything she's written, but when using the Megan method for doing something w/ egg somethings. (Don't ask me, I neither know nor care.)

Do you think she has a "Wash Hands Before Returning to Kitchen" sign in her toilet, or is it just her readers who would need to be reminded?

UPDATE (later that same day): Regular commenter Clever Pseudonym (& it's our regulars who make it worth torturing ourselves w/ Meganities) doesn't believe it, so here's the link.

We are also advised how to butter a pan. I can only think Last Tango in Paris, but that's just me.


Clever Pseudonym said...

Maybe I'm just letting this stuff bug me too much, but did she seriously write a post where she not only instructed her readers on how to separate an egg, but also explained to them that they need to wash their hands before handling raw food?

Uh, Megan? I learned that when I was fucking six, okay?

Blake said...

Thank God she's back, and in rare form. Today is comedy gold. Megan, way to pick a fight with Glenn Greenwald, I sure hope he doesn't respond.

M. Bouffant said...

No one's ever said she's not condescending. I suppose we'll get advice to chew whatever food we assemble thoroughly next. I take the Subway™ route & go through several pairs of Gloves-from-a-Box™ w/ each meal I prepare.

Clever Pseudonym said...

Well, as long as nobody actually takes her advice and uses their hand to separate an egg. That is just about the stupidest, messiest, and most inefficient way I've ever heard of doing that. Here's a good tip: if you can't shell out the $1.50 it costs for one of those little plastic doo-hickeys that have been available since 1952 that do the job perfectly, you can just use the shell.

I love the way her foodie friend describes this dumb shit as "MacGuyvering." MacGuyver was a guy who could make an MX missile out of a piece of gum and a rubber band. The shit they're describing isn't exactly kitchen ingenuity, it's taking a simple task and making it complicated for no reason other than to congratulate yourself for being clever.