Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Just to make clear

A vocal supporter of FMM has been commenting a lot over at Megan's place with various names, all linking here. (For an example see "Lipstick Libertarian" in this thread.) While we appreciate the love and I've seen no reason to take particular issue with anything our fan has said, I just want to establish, for the record, that this person isn't any of us. As a general rule when we comment over there it's with the same names as we post with here.
Vocal fan- I'm not being critical, just making things clear for all. I'd say feel free to speak up here, but I've a feeling that was you as anonymous a couple times, so you already have.

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M. Bouffant said...

Yes, I actually post as "Malignant" Bouffant when I must lower myself to leaving a dropping @ A. I.

And I've not sported lipstick since the early 80s. (Drunken girlfriend & her sister - I was drunk too, obviously - wanted to make me up, & they did.)