Monday, April 14, 2008

Still waiting

Dear Megan,
Remember when Glenn Greenwald pwned you with your own words and you were too cowardly to own up to it?
It was just on Friday, and here at FMM we still eagerly await your angry response where you show why accepting torture in certain circumstances isn't incompatible with saying you'd always been against torture. You were so deeply offended by Greenwald's suggestion that you're the kind who does, or did, support the use of torture it'd be downright cowardly and hypocritical for you not to answer back.
I know you read us, Megan, so lemme make something clear; I'm not going to drop it. Eat your crow, lady. You earned it.


Seems I was a bit too much the eager beaver. Megan sez:

Glenn Greenwald and I just did a bloggingheads together; I've been waiting for it to go up before I said more on the subject.
Which is good, except now I'll have to watch the fucking thing.
Still, she's not ducking the punch, I have to admit I was wrong.

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