Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Random notes

First, read this. Susan of Texas must not wear lipstick, she's too awesome. A random highlight

Reynolds: I'm bringing in Megan because we Extraordinary Bloggers need someone to explain Bush's economic policies to the little people.

Althouse: Dwarfs need economic advice?

Goldberg: No, stupid, he means Munchkins.

Megan: Some people say I look like an elf.

The Bloggers all turn and look at Megan.

Megan: What? They do.

Then there's this. You see, folks, making fun of Megan in the Village Voice is going to turn the nation against Obama. Armed liberal seems to be of the Althouse wing of the Democratic Party, which is to say a concern troll. I know I shouldn't help by linking, but damn that's a funny kind of stupid.

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M. Bouffant said...

Yeah, I was stealing stuff from Susan when I knew her only as a TBogg commenter. She do rule, & I bet she doesn't need any lipstick.