Friday, April 18, 2008

We're sexist but Megan isn't?

From the Obama is a little girly girl post

On the one hand he's tall, but he's kind of, well, scrawny looking. But also, the political space I think he's trying to occupy--building understanding and reconciliation between hostile voter grops--is generally seen as a woman's role. And he's running against a much-decorated fighter pilot renowned for chasing women until his walker started getting in the way.
Only fags build coalitions. Real men threaten people into voting for them, or, if they're female, fuck a vote out of 'em.
Amazing how well women have done at defining the characteristics of a right they've only had about a century. It only took that long for a woman to have a realistic shot at a major party candidacy, too!

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Susan of Texas said...

This is my favorite post of hers from the last couple of days. I was impressed by her uncanny ability to pass on Republican talking points, even though she's a libertarian.

There's something mighty embarrassing about doing Karl Rove's bidding not for political power or money, but because you mimic your peers so slavishly.