Friday, April 18, 2008

Branching out

This makes me want to go into midtown and punch David Brooks. (Relax, I won't. You really think I'd go into midtown?) I can't even snark it, but I have to vent. This amounts to actively campaigning for John McCain. David Brooks is a worse journalist than Megan. She's gonna go far, isn't she.

... it occurs to me Brooks might be in DC. I don't care enough to check on wikipedia, I wouldn't go there to punch him, either.

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Anonymous said...

New York Times, October 19, 2006

Op-Ed Columnist
Run, Barack, Run

Springfield, Illinois - - Barack Obama should run for president.

[...] He distrusts righteous anger and zeal. He does not demonize his opponents and tells audiences that he does not think George Bush is a bad man.

He has a compulsive tendency to see both sides of any issue.

[...] It is surely true that a president who brings a deliberative style to the White House will multiply his knowledge, not divide it.

[...] The third reason Obama should run for president is his worldview. At least in the way he conceptualizes the world, he is not an orthodox liberal. In the book, he harks back to a Hamiltonian tradition that calls not for big government, but for limited yet energetic government to enhance social mobility.

[...] anyone who’s observed him closely can see that Obama is a new kind of politician. As Klein once observed, he’s that rarest of creatures: a megahyped phenomenon that lives up to the hype.

It may not be personally convenient for him, but the times will never again so completely require the gifts that he possesses. Whether you’re liberal or conservative, you should hope Barack Obama runs for president.

- - David Brooks, October 2006

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